Contractors Pumps

Contractors Pumps

First developed by SPP Pumps in 1888, the vacuum-assisted, self-priming Dewatering range has become the benchmark for reliable, durable and compliant pump Dewatering solutions.

Manoeuvrable and versatile, contractor autoprime pumps are supplied either in open set configuration or, for quiet, unobtrusive operation, with an acoustic canopy enclosure. With an extensive range spanning stocked products and custom-built pump sets, dewatering is the solution of choice for thousands of demanding, project-critical applications in the UK and overseas.

Dewatering purchasers include rental organisations, civil works contractors, utility companies, local authorities and municipalities and open cast mining operations.

Pump & System Excellence at its best

SPP Pumps’ ISO 9001:2015 approved UK research and manufacturing facility in Coleford has attained the highest industry standards for quality and reliability. Investment in state-of-the art prototyping, lean production and test facilities underpin pump and system manufacturing excellence for consistent performance.

A high proportion of routine dewatering applications are met ex-stock, directly from the standard self-priming range. The remainder are built and tailored specifically for customer needs. SPP Pumps’ customised in-house design and analysis swiftly resolves even complex application challenges. The advanced CAD and engineering software ensures even the most complex of components can be adapted quickly or, alternatively, completely reimagined if needed. Rigorous on-site testing guarantees absolute product integrity.

Specialist Pump Application with Convenience Built In

The SPP Pumps dewatering market not only allows the optimal pump specification but also offers the most appropriate and convenient configuration for the pump solution. Contractor pumps are available mounted on road-tow or site trailers as well as skid-type chassis. Their highly robust, durable system construction eliminates unnecessary weight, making movement and placement of the Q Series trailer-mounted packages on-site an easy two-person job – so no need for a crane.

As part of Prague’s flood defences, these compact and manoeuvrable diesel pumping systems help protect the city’s residential, commercial and industrial areas.


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