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Transformer Oil Pumps

The inline and elbow transformer oil pumps are dependent on their oil cooler pump system, which is a fundamental component. With 90 years of product reliability and expertise in transformer oil pumps and transformer cooler systems, SPP has proven to give the transformer the support it demands.

Optimum Performance and Reliability

  • An all new, purpose built British oil pump factory with automated facilities, enabling high volume outputs, low lead times and ultra-efficient manufacturing to optimise product value.
  • All pumps are fully performance and pressure tested on hot oil to surpass the latest European legislation checks giving total performance assurance.

Highly Efficient Centrifugal Pumps

  • Highly efficient and quiet running European motors designed specifically for our oil pumps
  • Pressure die cast cases and impellers offer the optimum product quality and value
  • Aluminium cases and impellers give a corrosion resistant, tough, yet lightweight product. The weight reduction compared to a cast iron pump reduces the stresses on the pipework supporting the pump and makes for a unit that is easier to lift for installations.
  • Long product operational lives provide the ultimate in product life cycle value.
  • An extensive range of product provides a wider choice and solutions suited for all transformer cooler sizes, deigns and applications.
    • Inline and elbow pumps
    • Centrifugal and axial flow impellers
    • Size rage of 50mm to 250mm bore suction and discharge
    • 50hz or 60hz, three or single phase, multiple voltages
    • 2,4, and 6 pole motor options
    • Up to -50 degrees Celsius ambient temperature options
    • Water submersible pumps
    • Extensive paint options, including certified marine specification paint finishes
  • Flexibility for bespoke customer type testing and specifications
With our expertise we can offer flexibility for bespoke customer type testing and specifications. Depending on your pump system and transformer/cooling system we can provide a tailored specification for your business needs. When it comes to your transformer oil pump and system-specific requirements we ask you what would be the ideal SPP pump to support your transformer or cooler system? Get in touch with our experts today and together we can find the pumping solution.

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