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Key Features

  • High vacuum multi-layer super insulated ensures low static evaporation loss rate
  • Stainless steel constructionensures long life & durability- Stainless steel constructionensures long life & durability
  • Revolving compartments that assist the operator in handling any canister, (for specific range)
  • Heavy duty caster wheels & handles allow easy movement

Key Features

  • Double-wall vacuum and super insulation provides long term storage of liquid nitrogen
  • Ultra-low temperature preservation of biological samples
  • Cryoseal has a convenient holding time and capacity
  • Rugged, reliable, efficient & economical in operation with long life
  • High strength aluminium alloy provides sturdiness yet is lightweight
  • Containers are available to store vials in convenient box type storage racks
  • Dry Shipper is designed to store biological samples in vapour phase at ultra-low temperature of (-) 150 or below.

NOXCVA is a globally reputed manufacturer of a wide range of standard and custom storage tanks for LIN, LOX, LAR, LNG, H2, CO2& N2O. Each INOXCVA tank is engineered to deliver top performance and low maintenance, while ensuring optimal operational safety.

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